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  • Pack-It Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M
  • Pack-It Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M
  • Pack-It Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M
  • Pack-It Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M

Pack-It Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M



Pick up this set of three Pack-It™ Reveal Cubes to keep you organized inside any piece of luggage. Pack clothing and other essentials in these travel organizers, and you’ll be delightfully surprised to no longer sport an over-packed, overweight travel bag. Plus, it feels really good knowing exactly where all your stuff is while globetrotting. Bon voyage!


  • The Pack-It™ Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M includes:
  • Made with a durable 300D Poly fabric that is both washable and water-resistant
  • Top carry handle for ease of access
  • Self-repairing #5 zippers featuring climbing rope inspired cord pullers
  • All main body fabrics are 100% post-consumer recycled and bluesign® certified
  • One Pack-It™ Reveal Cubes XS, for small accessories
  • Covered by Eagle Creek’s No Matter What® Warranty
  • One Pack-It™ Reveal Cubes S, for t-shirts, underwear, pjs and socks
  • One Pack-It™ Reveal Cubes M, for jeans and sweaters
  • The Pack-It™ Reveal Cube Set was designed to keep you optimally organized with packing cubes of every size, with easy visibility to what’s inside.
  • When you buy these items as a set (not individually) you save almost 10%. There’s never been a better excuse to upgrade your favorite go-to travel besties.
  • Reveal cubes offer some material structure for optimal packing access (particularly if you’re a folder and stacker)
  • Large mesh window makes it easy to see what’s packed inside
  • Innovative angled zipper design allows for different packing styles: Fold your clothes and stack them inside the cube, or roll them up to maximize packing space


Compress Clothes 

Natural compression and quick-find organization

Visibility & Breathability 

Easy-view mesh helps shoes dry out after wear



4.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 in (Reveal Cube XS), 7.25 x 10 x 3.25 in (Reveal Cube S), 10 x 14.25 x 3.25 in (Reveal Cube M) / 11 x 19 x 6 cm (Reveal Cube XS), 18 x 25.5 x 8 cm (Reveal Cube S), 25.5 x 36 x 8 cm (Reveal Cube M)


1.7 L (Reveal Cube XS), 7 L (Reveal Cube S), 14.5 L (Reveal Cube M) / 105 cu in (Reveal Cube XS), 425 cu in (Reveal Cube S), 885 cu in (Reveal Cube M)


1.4 oz (Reveal Cube XS), 2.1 oz (Reveal Cube S), 3.2 oz (Reveal Cube M) / 41 g


100% Recycled 300D Poly /100% Recycled Double Diamond Poly Mesh