Donation Request



Thank you for reaching out to Elkmont Trading Company for your donation request. While we recognize that your cause is a worthwhile one, there is simply no way that we can afford to support every cause in the Clemson community effectively. Instead, we give the funds that we are able to donate to support charities close to our hearts. As parents of a healthy young son, we choose charities that we see impacting children close to his age.  

To be considered for a donation, please submit your request to Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your request to go through our donation process. We would like to respond favorably to all requests; however, as a small business operating in a small community, the needs are far greater than our allocated resources. Please understand it is not possible for us to accommodate all requests.

We truly appreciate you being our customer and thank you for choosing Elkmont Trading Company. Your continued support enables us to in turn support local charities which make our community a better place for all.