Zootility Grrilla Multi-Tool



Introducing our bristle-free grill scraper and stainless steel skewers!

This grilling set was designed to make your grilling experience both more versatile, and safer. Classic wire bristle brushes can be dangerous to use. The bristles can easily break off the scraper, and get left behind on the grill. Ingestion of wire bristles can cause perforated esophagus or intestines, which are serious medical conditions and surprisingly common given the popularity of the wire bristle brush.

The Grrrilla scraper takes away this possibility by providing the same capabilities as your traditional scraper, in a compact size with a strong solid body of stainless steel as opposed to bristles. Simply remove the leather cord and put it in the dishwasher!


Our Grrrilla design is unique to us, as is its versatility. This scraper is compatible with almost any model of charcoal, propane (gas), and campground grills.

The Grrrilla’s compact size creates a lower risk for any breaking or chipping, while still leaving realistic space for usage of the product allows for easy storage while still being easy to use.