Southern Marsh Men's Highland Alpaca Vest



Southern Marsh has been known for creating timeless, comfortable outerwear items with an original twist. The Highland Alpaca Vest is just the latest innovation that represents their passion for craftsmanship and style. Made from a soft, brushed polyester, this vest is your go-to for those chilly days we all love. What sets this vest apart from the crowd is the proprietary treatment applied to give it a texturized, yet classic look. And don't miss the details - Southern Marsh's designers spent the time to create a truly custom, limited edition tag that adds to whole look and feel. Go ahead, pair one with your favorite dress shirt, or one of Southern Marsh's classic twill pants - you'll love it.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Vintage Washed
  • Custom Designed Tag
  • Traditional Fit
  • Full Zip
  • Ultra-soft Fleece Lining