• Raw Tupelo Honey 3 oz

Raw Tupelo Honey 3 oz



Tupelo Honey‘s creamy, smooth floral burst of sweetness and buttery texture embodies the culinary pinnacle of American honey.

Tupelo honey is a great complement to buttermilk-fried chicken and grits, sweet potato pancakes with pecans, fried green tomatoes or glazed meatloaf. It pairs well with strong blue and goat cheeses or drizzled on everything from French toast and biscuit crumbles to shrimp and fruit.

Tupelo is perfect in a vinaigrette, as a meat glaze or as the sweetening ingredient in barbecue sauce. It’s wonderful to sweeten tea or eat straight from the jar.

Built by Bee’s Tupelo honey is not heated, processed or filtered.

Honeybees gather nectar from white tupelo tree blossoms from the remote wetlands of Georgia and Florida inside a three-week window each year. This region is known for the highest concentrations of Tupelo trees in the world.

Tupelo honey resists granulation with its lower sucrose content, while absorbing more quickly in your body than other honeys.