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  • Primus Power Fuel 1L White Gas

Primus Power Fuel 1L White Gas


PRIMUS PowerFuel is a very advanced blend of petroleum spirits that burn very cleanly and with excellent output, greater than other liquid fuels such as kerosene, diesel, naphtha, ect. It has been specially produced for maximum performance.

It’s wise to use the cleanest burning fuel possible in your pressure stove. Primus Power Fuel is a model example of such clean-burning fluid and is easy to recommend.

  • Fuel Mix: Primus Power Gas (25% isobutane, 50% butane, 25% propane)
  • Butane Stove Fuel 8 oz: Includes a collar notch on top of the canister that provides easy alignment in appliances.
  • Powerfuel contains 1 liter of naphtha (chemically clean gasoline / petrol) with added corrosion protection.