• MSR Talus TR-3 Trekking Poles (Discontinued)

MSR Talus TR-3 Trekking Poles (Discontinued)



The MSR Talus TR-3 Trekking Pole is a three-section trekking pole for a compact size when not in use. The Talus TR-3 comes in a pair, one for each hand, so you can battle uphill and downhill in constant changing terrain. The 7000-series aluminum is strong and light and won't mind a bit if you're taking a day hike through the nearby state park or trekking into the mountains for a week. A trigger release allows for on-the-fly adjustments so you can flow from one type of terrain to the next without having to stop. Ensuring the poles stay locked into the place you set is the SureLock™ system, for no-slip as you ease your way around a sketchy bend at the cliff edge. Slide the vented straps onto your wrists for security and wrap your hand around the ergonomic grip for comfortable control throughout the whole adventure.