Elkmont Outdoor Style Tee



This graphic is in honor of the recent trend in lifestyle camping better know at "glamping." When Lee first met Aimee, she almost didn't go out with him because he was too "outdoorsy." One of Lee's first attempts to introduce Aimee to the great outdoors was the purchase of a 1970 Shasta Airflyte "winged" camper for family camping trips that Aimee could decorate. On another trip through the Great Smoky Mountain Park, Lee and Aimee passed a vintage Jeep "woody" Wagoneer. Aimee made the off comment that it looked cool and that was the green light Lee needed. Three weeks later Lee purchased a 1985 Jeep Wagoneer that is currently having a frame off restoration being done to look like the Wagoneer on the shirt. Oh, and Aimee has since found some outdoor activities that she now loves - paddleboarding and snow skiing!