• Cougar Women's Kensington Rain Boot
  • Cougar Women's Kensington Rain Boot

Cougar Women's Kensington Rain Boot



Ankle-high glossy man-made rubber Chelsea rain boot. Rounded toe. Double elastic gore closure. 1.25 inch wedge heel. EVA outsole with contrast welt treatment.
  • Always Waterproof
  • Memory molded insoles
  • Knit Lining
  • Pull-on
  • Anti-slip EVA outsole
  • Available in Leopard and Blossom

Always Waterproof

  • To create a completely waterproof boot, the Kensington is made from injected rubber.
  • First, a lightweight sock is placed over an aluminum last. Then, they are both inserted into a mold.
  • The mold is sealed tight and injected with rubber. This creates a solid rubber upper with no seams – and no leaks!
  • Finally, the elastic gore is treated with a coating that repels water.

Lightweight outsoles

  • The soles are attached to the rubber upper by hand.
  • To make them lighter than the average rain boot, Cougar uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) instead of rubber. EVA is similar to rubber, but a lot lighter!
  • The soles are molded with a hiking boot style pattern for better traction and grip.

Memory Molded Insoles

  • Insoles are lightweight and removable.
  • For extra comfort, we use dual density foam insoles.
  • The top layer is a low density foam that is soft and flexible. It is molded to a tougher bottom layer that absorbs shocks and vibrations.
  • They're pretty comfortable!