• Raw Orange Blossom Honey 3 oz

Raw Orange Blossom Honey 3 oz

Enjoy the incredible taste, texture and health benefits of Built by Bees Floridian raw orange blossom honey. A southern favorite, this mild citrus honey is the perfect topping and spread on a variety of foods.

 Our orange blossom honey comes from orange tree blossoms in Florida. This state has an abundance of orange groves where fruit ripens throughout the spring starting in April. 

One of nature’s top superfoods, our orange blossom honey is unfiltered and unprocessed and 100% direct from the hive. This honey is an excellent immune system booster loaded with nutrients and enzymes containing:

  • Bee pollen, a natural cell regenerator and one of nature’s most complete health foods.
  • Propolis, a proven antibiotic and antiseptic with anti-inflammatory qualities and
  • Royal jelly, a supremely nutritious strength rejuvenator.